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    TeacherStick is produced by teachers with many years of teaching experience (too many?), and experience of many different roles and responsibilities. This is a product which we wish we had created earlier because it is so useful. We are based in Bristol UK.
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Top Features of TeacherStick

What are the Top Features of TeacherStick?

Top FeaturesWe asked TeacherStick users to rate the features they found most useful. What are their top features? Is it the Reporting Software, or the Assembly Software? Maybe it is the Teach Toolkit Software. We were eager to find out which of these rated as Top Features.

We pulled all of this data together to get an overview. The higher users rated a feature, the bigger the bar shown below.


Check out which are the most popular features.

TeacherStick Best Bits

Weekly Lessons 30%
Lesson Plan Template 30%
Calendar Template 45%
Markbook 50%
Reports 95%
Wordprocessor 90%
Spreadsheet 30%
Presentation 80%
Drawing 35%
PDF Viewer 50%
Image Viewer 60%
Download Videos 90%
Play any Video 100%
Assembly Videos & Scripts 100%
Assembly Outline & Assembly Manager 90%
Crossword Maker 35%
Wordsearch Maker 40%
Poster Maker 30%
Graph Paper Maker 40%
3D Globe 50%
Periodic Table 50%
Scratch 90%
Stopwatch 75%

Get your TeacherStick today and see if you agree with these findings.