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    TeacherStick is produced by teachers with many years of teaching experience (too many?), and experience of many different roles and responsibilities. This is a product which we wish we had created earlier because it is so useful. We are based in Bristol UK.
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    If you have a query about TeacherStick, please send us a message via the box opposite and we will get back to you. Thank you.
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Getting Started with TeacherStick

Unpacking and Plugging In


When you receive your TeacherStick via Royal Mail just remove it from the envelope and you will see a packet with some brief instructions. Plug in your TeacherStick into a USB port on your Windows computer. Go to the removeable drive that appears and click on “StartTeacherStick.exe”. Enter the password which is included in your pack. The TeacherStick home menu appears.

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